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About Insight Research

Insight provides market research and strategic analysis for the telecom industry. Telecom carriers, transmission and switching equipment vendors, platform providers, software developers, and financial institutions look to Insight for strategic telecom information and competitive analysis.


Telecom market research reports available off the shelf on an individual basis, in hard copy or PDF. Current topics include OSS, Vertical Markets, Grid Computing, Private Line Services and many more.


Your choice of telecommunications market research reports for unlimited corporate-wide distribution, executive summaries, email newsletter, and the most responsive analyst inquiry in the industry. Insight's competitive market analysis is among the best in the telecom industry.


Custom competitive assessments, market entry strategies, market sizing, business analyses and technical evaluations for individual clients with expressed interest in the telecommunications industry.

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Insight's comparative market research reports provide in-depth analysis of major telecommunications industry issues. Please use the search and/or list function below to locate the Insight Research reports of interest to you.

You can also call 973-541-9600 or email for assistance locating reports. Also remember Insight performs custom research suited to your specific requirements.

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