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Containers have an exciting but challenging path ahead in the telco domain

Insight Research   |   September 14, 2019

Insight Reseach forecasts that Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF) will register an impressive growth of 53.4% during 2019-2025. This impressive growth rate is riddled with contradictions borne out of the contrasting elements characterizing the relationship between CNFs and NFV. 

Orchestration, according to most stakeholders, is the single most challenging aspect related to containerization of network functions and technologies. The challenge is more acute on the CNF side. It is therefore not surprising that this block will register the highest absolute growth in market size and market share over 2019-2025.

These findings are from the report "Containers and Telcos - Ready to Tango?", released by Insight Research.

The report covers fourteen CNFs – load balancing, routing, switching, IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), evolved packet core (EPC), radio access network (RAN), session border controller (SBC), customer premise equipment (CPE), domain name server (DNS), firewall, IPsec, voice over IP (VoIP) and testing. 

"The ultimate testimony to the potential of cloud-native movement is the support that it is receiving across the board from the vendor community, including those that had radically different ways of telecommunications network product engineering.", mentions Kaustubha Parkhi - Principal Analyst, Insight Reseach.

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